Carrying the a cross and sharing the message of the gospel along the way.

As many of you know, Deacon Jim and pastor PJ are walking back to AC from Nueva Vizcaya with a very large cross they are carrying/pulling behind them. The trip should take 12 days, more or less.
Fr. Bill.

DAY10 17th APR, WALKING FOR JESUS. We are in San Roque leaving now to Tarlac 26 km via Victoria. Slept last night in the bus terminal as blessed by the police. We were able to bath, shave and wash cloths, broken sleep. Janitor {imposter} asked for money when we said no he said to leave for us to leave, we told him to see police, he went away. One woman was sarcastic and said every one knows God, true. but does everyone know, love and have faith in Jesus. The Janitor and Woman need our prayers, God know who they are, bless them. It must have been over 40c today, many people helped us and wanted prayer.

It's not just a coincidence that we commemorate St. Mark, Evangelist, at Most Holy Trinity Traditional Anglican Church this Sunday when newly ordained Deacon Jim, Evangelist, returns and celebrates his first mass with us as Deacon at the altar.
Prayers make it all happen. Y'all please keep them coming. Fr.Bill

DAY11 APR 18th. W. F. JESUS. Started walking 5.30am~6.30 ~distance 18km. Last nite was fed by Raika and given a bed under a canopy of a fuel station by Grace n family, they even bought us fresh Padasal to go with coffee they gave. A great day for preaching n teaching, stopped under a tree had Halo Halo and many people came to hear the Gospel of Jesus, young and old, both PJ and I shared the Good News. Today required repairs to my friend THE CROSS, it is now good again. One college girl was insistant I tell her why i walk with the cross, she only was satisfied when I used: to remind people of Jesus, Rev. Jim

Rev. Jim called me today and shared some of his experiences along the way. That truly God will always manifest Himself when we follow and obey His will. He experienced he said, that from nothing the Lord faithfully provided for them, food shelter, waters and other needs both Him and Pastor PJ. He shared to them Jesus and reminded then about His goodness and love, prayed for the sick and got healed, they did deliverance to a person oppressed by demons and others. These are just few from his experiences  with a long walk with the cross from Nueva Vizcaya to Angeles City. They will be home tomorrow to Angeles City and about 20 or more kilometers to finish a 12 days walking with the Cross for Jesus. 
Got a short talked and interview with Jessica Soho from GMA 7 along the way. 

More to be shared this coming Sunday at Most Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Angeles City.

To God be the Glory! Abp. Belmonte

Sounds like just one more text message in the works.
Thanks for your prayers. They made it all possible. Fr. Bill

DAY 12 Ap19th THURS WALKING FOR JESUS Distance today 18 km. Am in Bam Bam now, 6 km to Mabalacat, 2 to Mabiga and 9 to San Isidro via Milwaulkee. So tonite is the last nite. PJ left this morning from Capas by Jipny to go to Angeles for a prior engagement, thanks for your company PJ, we had fun and experiences. i will travel another 8 km to Bam Bam. see next text.

It's great to have Deacon Jim back with us today for celebration of Holy Communion at Most Holy Trinity. 
Fr. Bill

Below is his final Walking for Jesus report.
DAY13 continued: once sleeping area set I went into forecourt shop, picked up a carton of milk and asked the girl the price, i smile and said it was too exspensive for me and i put back. She asked me about the cross and Jesus, she said she had seen me on Jessica Soho Ch 7 tv. great Jesus and the cross had media coverage. When I left the shop she followed, gave the milk as a gift and told me she and the staff will look after me: they did with dinner. snack and breakfast, Much evangelising was done. Thank you Jesus. The Lord got me home safe at 2pm,