Jesus casting out demons

Jesus casting out demons
Who is Beelzebub? He is not the Lord of the rings, but the lord of flies and price of dung! Jesus was accused of casting demons out by prince of demons. His response was in showing them a spiritual insights that was hidden by exposing it, using the truth He warned His hearers about division, binding the strongman, blasphemous words against the Holy Spirit and doing the will of God. These demons enters into churches and homes and divides and sap them with health and leave them helpless and lifeless! Beware of wolves in a sheep clothing! In the gospel of St. John 10, speaks loudly of a GOOD shepherd who enters into fold through the door NOT over the fence or sneaking at the backdoor. The way of a thief is to kill, steal and destroy.

An appeal to your compassionate heart

Prayers are offered to those who were seriously affected by the recent typhoon that hit Iligan ,Cagayan de Oro and Dumaguete City. We have started collecting clothings and other things from generous givers to give to the victims of this calamity. We ask your compasionate heart to extend your extras to give to these people who lost their families, houses and even lives this Christmas season.  Donations will be given directly and be use for rehabilitation and restoration of victims lives. Donors are welcome to call us or send an email. Our email address and telephone number are posted on our webpage.
Thank you for your Prayers.
Our lates update: We sent boxes of clothings and relief goods to those who were affected in ACPT Missions in Dumaguete. We extend our hearthful thanks to those who sacrificially gave and assisted in this Christian endeavor.