ACP / APA livelihood Project

We provide goats, hogs and ducks to ACP members, who are willing to care for goats to alleviate the from condition of their lives. Once the goat gives birth, if it's two, one will go to the one who care for the goat and  the other one will go to the church.

The photos are the goats  of one of our recipient, a member of OLPU, an  ACP mission church in Dumayop. Special thanks to APA churches who donated the funds to buy the goats to expand this project. As a result of this, the project will be extended also to our Missions in Negros Oriental.
In Deuteronomy 28:8. God promised the children of Israel that He will cause the works of their hands to prosper if they will obey His laws and commandments. This promise was extended to the church through Christ and still at work today for those who will believe. A challenge to Filipinos, that God can bless us here in our own country and do not need to go to foreign lands  to be slaves of wants and needs. Why not invest your skills and expertise here in our country, in that way you contribute for the advancement of your country.
The blessing of the Lord maketh rich and He add no sorrow to it.
Akoy isang Pinoy!!