Philippines Interfaith Village Project 2008-2010
Building Multifaith Village Livelihoods

This program builds on the Dutch government-funded HRE (Human Rights Education) trainings held in several Philippine locales from 2005 to 2007 (see our Report).
Two factors helped determine our decision to support grassroots livelihoods in this way:
The difficulty of promoting the concept of religious freedom alone, divorced from the day to day lives of village people; while many people are happy to get involved with livelihood-building programs to help others improve their quality of life.
A revival of opinion in the IARF that in light of the global food, fuel and climate crises, our old SSN (Social Services Network) needs reviving.
This program therefore recognizes that respect for the right of freedom of religion cannot be simply requested of communities. Where there is poverty, conflict will follow existing social faultlines - if not wealth-based divisions, then religion-based. Or, a combination of these. Therefore with this pilot program, in communities where we are now known thanks to our previous work, we shall seek to support poverty alleviation at community level through projects that involve people of different faith working together to create and sustain livelihoods.
IARF HRE Trainings will therefore be continuing in the Philippines under a new method, wherein the local IARF members and training participants, in cooperation with the different faith communities and local government, help in implementing the project. Importantly, they have a role in making it a success, and it will give them opportunities to develop a positive relationship with one another.

Greetings to APA DEUS Synod 2009 (July 20 -24, 2009)

Greetings to DEUS SYNOD 2009

From The Anglican Church in the Philippines, we are extending our warmest greetings to the participants and delegates of DEUS Synod 2009 from the parishes and mission churches of the Anglican Province of America converging at the Hilton Garden Inn, Gainesville, GA (USA

As the leadership of APA, with all the Bishops, the clergy, ministers, workers, visitors and the faithful gather for a time of refreshing, planning and evaluation, we join you in prayer for the manifested presence of God to grant you an outpouring of God’s grace and an increase of God’s anointing and empowerment to accomplish the calling the Lord had ordained and placed upon the Church to complete.

We partner with you in praying that you may not only expand your territories but more than ever be involved in every good work for God’s kingdom to extend around the world.

We may not be able to join you physically but we are certain that we could be one in the spirit in terms of vision and purpose, and in the desire to press on toward the goal of making Christ known through the Anglican Church, in our community, in our country and in the world.

Finally may you continue to be firm, steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the Lord; always being superior, excelling, doing more than enough in the service of the Lord, knowing and being continually aware that your labor in the Lord is not futile, it is never wasted or to no purpose.

Greetings from the Philippines!

Bishop Frederick, Eros, Praise Abigail and the Anglican Church in the Philippines (Traditional) with its Churches and Missions.