Let us brace our selves in prayers and call upon the name of the Lord for His divine protection.

A call to Prayer.
Even the wind and storms are subject and subdued by the word of Christ.
The aftermath effects of Super typhoon Haiyan. 
 Never again it will happen, if we as a church and the people of the Philippines  will be watchful in prayer!
These photos was the devastating damage of Haiyan (YOLANDA in 2013)
This now happening in Cagayan Valley effects of typhoon OMPONG
This is the after effect of the storm "OMPONG" that hardly hit CAR Benguet. Any help you want to extend please send it to their local government unit.

Pope Francis Rewrites Catholicism … and the Bible Tue, Aug 7, 2018 •

Last week, the Vatican announced that Pope Francis had changed the Catholic catechism. After 2,000 years of teaching that a moral use of capital punishment for murder is consistent with Catholic teaching, the pope announced that the catechism, the church fathers and St. Thomas Aquinas, among the other great Catholic theologians, were all wrong.
And God and the Bible? They’re wrong, too.
Pope Francis, the product of Latin American liberation theology — along with many other Catholic religious and lay leaders — is remaking Catholicism in the image of leftism, just as mainstream Protestant leaders have been rendering much of mainstream Protestantism a branch of leftism, and non-Orthodox Jewish clergy and lay leaders have been rendering most non-Orthodox synagogues and lay institutions left-wing organizations.
The notion that it is immoral to execute any murderer — no matter how heinous the murder, no matter how many innocents he has murdered, no matter how incontrovertible the proof of guilt — is an expression of emotion, not of reason or natural law or Christian theology or biblical theology.
Regarding the latter, the biblical commandment to put premeditated murderers to death is unique.
First, it is fundamental to biblical morality. The injunction of putting murderers to death is the only law found in each one of the first five books of the Bible (the Torah).
Second, all other sins involving the death penalty were only applicable to Jews (and for thousands of years, Jews regarded those death penalties not as literal but as pedagogic — to teach the seriousness of various offenses in an attempt to create a moral and holy nation).
But the Bible makes it clear capital punishment for murder is applicable to all of humanity. It is the first law God gives Noah after the flood, after commanding him to be fruitful and multiply. Putting murderers to death is therefore the first moral law God gives the world. Why this draconian penalty for murder? Because the penalty is a statement about the seriousness of a crime, and the God of the Bible deems the wrongful, deliberate taking of a human life the pinnacle of injustice. Allowing all murderers to keep their own lives diminishes the evil of murder and thereby cheapens the worth of the human being. In God’s words, “Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image” (Genesis 9:6).
It is precisely to preserve the unique worth of the human being that the Bible mandates putting murderers to death.
In 2015, Pope Francis wrote, “today capital punishment is unacceptable, however serious the condemned’s crime may have been.”
Unacceptable? To whom? It is acceptable to about half of American Catholics and about half of the American people. But it is unacceptable to the elites of our time, the people who have the most contempt for Catholicism and every other Bible-based religion.
The death penalty, Francis wrote, “entails cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment.” These are all subjective opinions. I suspect most people do not think the death penalty as punishment for premeditated murder is necessarily cruel, inhumane or degrading. What are all of us missing? And why isn’t life imprisonment cruel, inhumane and degrading? (Indeed, opposition to life imprisonment is already the norm in many progressive countries like Norway, where someone murdered 77 people, mostly children, and received a 21-year prison sentence.)
The Pope also writes that no matter how serious the crime that has been committed, “the death penalty is inadmissible because it is an attack on the inviolability and dignity of the person.”
Most of us think it is the murderer, by committing murder, who has attacked his dignity and inviolability, not the society that puts him to death. We also think it is the dignity of the murder victim that is attacked by rewarding the murderer with room and board, TV, books, exercise rooms and visits from family members and girlfriends.
Furthermore, why isn’t keeping a murderer in prison one day longer than is necessary to protect society an “attack on the inviolability and dignity of the person”? For that matter, isn’t every punishment an attack on the dignity of the punished? Of course it is, which is why progressives ultimately oppose all punishment, equating it with vengeance.
In the middle of the night on July 23, 2007, two men entered the Cheshire, Connecticut, home of Dr. William Petit Jr. and his family. They nearly beat Dr. Petit to death with a baseball bat. Then, one of the men raped his wife, Jennifer Hawke-Petit, and the other man sexually assaulted her 11-year-old daughter, Michaela — an assault he photographed with his cellphone. Dr. Petit managed to escape, but Hawke-Petit was strangled to death; Michaela and Hawke-Petit’s other daughter, Hayley, were tied to their beds; and the house was doused with gasoline and set on fire.
In a 4-3 decision, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that capital punishment violated the Connecticut Constitution, thereby preventing the execution of the murderers and assaulters of Dr. Petit’s family.
This was Dr. Petit’s reaction: “I think when people willfully, wantingly, without any remorse take someone else’s life, they forfeit their right to be among us.”
For those who believe in the Bible, Dr. William Petit of Cheshire, Connecticut, echoes God’s view. Pope Francis of the Vatican does not.

This column was originally posted on Townhall.com.

Do you see and still believe in Miracles today?

On this post Christian age more and more, people  are convinced that miracles are done and had passed away since the death of the last apostle and miracles were buried with them.

But in the time of Christ miracles took place left and right everywhere were Christ is; the lame are walking, the blind see, the deaf can hear, lepers are cleansed and to the poor the Gospel is preached. 

Never in the history of Christianity, a generation experienced such glorious event in seeing this with their naked eyes. Today churches are though more on prosperity, discipleship, salvation and church growth the bigger the church  the greater the anointing is with it. We measure success by our own standard and forget the ways and the standard of God. Please don't get me wrong with these  teachings. 

Without  the power of miracle there would be no resurrection, victory over the power of dankness and healing. Churches are handicapped of the power to overcome and to subdue evil and darkness. Most common word within Christian world is the word Mega church, instant fixed solution for every problems and convenience. Most refuses to hear teachings on how to overcome hardships, sufferings and sacrifices. (If you are a clergy or a Pastor teaching this kind of confrontational approach, I tell you you'll get the least numbers in your congregation or even not see them next Sunday and accused you that your message are offending. If you are doing wrong and practicing evil, correction will really be offending, but it will be good for you if you listen!) This was the state of mind of those people during the time of Noah before the flood, their refusal to hear and listen, they are selective of only what they want to hear and do.

If miracles are gone then God is dead and gone. Everything will come to an end since God Is the author of life. But how come that we seldom see these today. The removal of Godly and sounds teaching weakens Churches and most are driven on relying on the strength of the flesh instead of depending on the power of the Holy Spirit. The Evil one who successfully  working through the years in making believed that Man is GOD. You will be like God knowing good and evil. But man can’t handle it alone because he is not GOD  and he needed God, then why? He was not design to take evil within himself because man was created for good after the image and likeness of God alone! 

The missing link to see a miracle is the miracle itself, it’s God!


Who is this stupid God?

As responses and comments are  flooding our society about the president calling, Who is this stupid God?  Each gave a different views and responses that became an eye opener for seekers of truth. Things and events happen with purpose.

In response to the comments coming from several religious and theologians about the word of President Rodrigo Roa Dueterte " who is this stupid God ?" First is to know to whom he was addressing this. It was to the Roman Catholic Church where he was brought up and groomed as a catholic in his younger years. He mentioned that he undergone catechism in the Roman Church and mentioned the schools he went to. But what kind of teachings and understanding he learned. Our belief is reflected and defined by what we understand and learn specially about God in the Bible. Did he really received a sound teaching from his catholic mentors, instructors and catechist? His way of reasoning is different from what the scriptures says. He said that " how can this God who created a being making them perfect temps them to destroy the quality of His work? He can't probably reconciled that though about this God.

God created man in His own image and likeness, so man must be perfect and holy BEFORE the transgression. The role of the tempter was missing which is the serpent represented by Satan who tempted Eve and gave same fruit to Adam then malice was born. Man was given the freedom to chose, it is called free will. There are three beings given this kind of freedom, God, Angels and Man. I would challenge every reader to read the whole context of Genesis 1 to 3 chapters to understand, to get my point. 

Another thing was his past wounds and scars from being MOLESTED by a HOMOSEXUAL clergy (Priest) who supposed to be a representative and example of God before his people in showing respect, holiness and manliness to young boys. Sometimes people do not consider much or being passive about the devastating effect to a person once molested, raped and abused. The pain and unforgettable, damaging and condemning effect to self  and to the victim which is ONLY GOD can heal and delete it from their souls. (Some who can't take it commit suicide and loose their minds)  It is easy to say forget about it because maybe your the one who did it, but how about the VICTIM? Who had the molestation, been abused, violated of his or her right now and that pain imprinted and invaded  his or her soul? 
This Homosexual priest who represented his GOD, the God who MOLEST, ABUSES and LIES to innocent young boys (mostly are altar boys) is a stupid God and because of his mis representation of God in making and showing God as a stupid god, and  God became stupid in the eyes of his victim. He made God stupid by his stupidity. 

Violation of the second commandment which says" thou shall not make to thyself any graven image, nor the likeness of anything in heaven above, or in the earth beneath, or in the water under the earth, thou  shall not bow down to them nor worship them......Thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh His name in vain. Meaning picturing, portraying and wrong modeling of God by saying, telling and doing it to others have a devastating effect in the soul the victim not easy to forget!!!. And this act is  diabolic and demonic in it's nature and abominable before God.

My prayers is to have peace reign in both sides. It's time for the churches to look and investigate what baggage we are carrying. The scriptures speaks loudly that judgment starts in the House holds of Faith. It's our wake up call and time for cleansing and purifying ourselves before God and man. Baka nakakatisud narin po tayo. God bless!

Scriptures in Exodus quoted from the 1928 Prayer book and the King James version of the bible. 

You know where the pains of both sides are coming.

Concelebrating in the Holy Communion at the Most Holy Trinity Anglican Church, with it's new name Trinity Anglican Church in Angeles City

Archbishop Frederick M. Belmonte, Chief Celebrant, Holy Communion, Most Holy Trinity, April 29, 2018.
Left to Right: Fr. Jomar, Archbishop Belmonte, Fr. Bill, Deacon Jim


Ordination of Deacon Thomas James Fisher at St. Augustine Anglican Cathedral, ACPT

Ordination of Deacon Jim Fisher, Fr. Jomar, Bro Romualdo, Abp. Belmonte, Sis. Dal  God's Ministry, Most Holy Trinity Traditional Anglican, Angeles City and the Missionary Society of the Immaculate Conception Parishioners, ACPT Alicia, Isabela
ACPT Family , SJV, OLPU, MSIC, SAAC, MHT Angeles City and ACPT Choir Philippines

ACPT Choir at St. Augustine Anglican Cathedral, Masoc Bayombong N Viz.

Joining us in prayer in this event is Christ the king, Ottawa Canada, our Bicol and Visayan and Benguet outreach. Friends from South Korea, United kingdom, India and Switzerland.
Maraming Salamat at Mabuhay po Kayo, God bless!

Carrying the a cross and sharing the message of the gospel along the way.

As many of you know, Deacon Jim and pastor PJ are walking back to AC from Nueva Vizcaya with a very large cross they are carrying/pulling behind them. The trip should take 12 days, more or less.
Fr. Bill.

DAY10 17th APR, WALKING FOR JESUS. We are in San Roque leaving now to Tarlac 26 km via Victoria. Slept last night in the bus terminal as blessed by the police. We were able to bath, shave and wash cloths, broken sleep. Janitor {imposter} asked for money when we said no he said to leave for us to leave, we told him to see police, he went away. One woman was sarcastic and said every one knows God, true. but does everyone know, love and have faith in Jesus. The Janitor and Woman need our prayers, God know who they are, bless them. It must have been over 40c today, many people helped us and wanted prayer.

It's not just a coincidence that we commemorate St. Mark, Evangelist, at Most Holy Trinity Traditional Anglican Church this Sunday when newly ordained Deacon Jim, Evangelist, returns and celebrates his first mass with us as Deacon at the altar.
Prayers make it all happen. Y'all please keep them coming. Fr.Bill

DAY11 APR 18th. W. F. JESUS. Started walking 5.30am~6.30 ~distance 18km. Last nite was fed by Raika and given a bed under a canopy of a fuel station by Grace n family, they even bought us fresh Padasal to go with coffee they gave. A great day for preaching n teaching, stopped under a tree had Halo Halo and many people came to hear the Gospel of Jesus, young and old, both PJ and I shared the Good News. Today required repairs to my friend THE CROSS, it is now good again. One college girl was insistant I tell her why i walk with the cross, she only was satisfied when I used: to remind people of Jesus, Rev. Jim

Rev. Jim called me today and shared some of his experiences along the way. That truly God will always manifest Himself when we follow and obey His will. He experienced he said, that from nothing the Lord faithfully provided for them, food shelter, waters and other needs both Him and Pastor PJ. He shared to them Jesus and reminded then about His goodness and love, prayed for the sick and got healed, they did deliverance to a person oppressed by demons and others. These are just few from his experiences  with a long walk with the cross from Nueva Vizcaya to Angeles City. They will be home tomorrow to Angeles City and about 20 or more kilometers to finish a 12 days walking with the Cross for Jesus. 
Got a short talked and interview with Jessica Soho from GMA 7 along the way. 

More to be shared this coming Sunday at Most Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Angeles City.

To God be the Glory! Abp. Belmonte

Sounds like just one more text message in the works.
Thanks for your prayers. They made it all possible. Fr. Bill

DAY 12 Ap19th THURS WALKING FOR JESUS Distance today 18 km. Am in Bam Bam now, 6 km to Mabalacat, 2 to Mabiga and 9 to San Isidro via Milwaulkee. So tonite is the last nite. PJ left this morning from Capas by Jipny to go to Angeles for a prior engagement, thanks for your company PJ, we had fun and experiences. i will travel another 8 km to Bam Bam. see next text.

It's great to have Deacon Jim back with us today for celebration of Holy Communion at Most Holy Trinity. 
Fr. Bill

Below is his final Walking for Jesus report.
DAY13 continued: once sleeping area set I went into forecourt shop, picked up a carton of milk and asked the girl the price, i smile and said it was too exspensive for me and i put back. She asked me about the cross and Jesus, she said she had seen me on Jessica Soho Ch 7 tv. great Jesus and the cross had media coverage. When I left the shop she followed, gave the milk as a gift and told me she and the staff will look after me: they did with dinner. snack and breakfast, Much evangelising was done. Thank you Jesus. The Lord got me home safe at 2pm,